Hey there!
My name is Hannah Smentkowski, and I am the photographer and videographer of Unbound Digital Productions!
I have been practicing photography for over 15 years now and all I still want to do is keep learning about my craft. Now, I have a new passion for video creation that allows me to push my creativity and give an all-around service for your special events, real estate listings, and business promotions around San Diego, California. (Though I do love to travel for the right opportunities, don't be afraid to ask!)
About me personally, besides being behind the camera, I love the outdoors, old-school rock and roll, and traveling whenever I get the chance. You can usually find me outside hiking or camping and taking epic landscape shots.

Not every client's needs are the same just as not every photographer is the same.
If you would like to talk about what I can do for you personally or your business I would love to get an email from you where we can connect and discuss if I'm a good fit for your unique content creation needs.
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